Technical Education Foundation Adana Branch

"The Door Opening Love and Life"



Technical Education Foundation Adana Branch is an association for social promotion in cultural field, promoted by a group of vocational teachers, academicians, young people committed to support the process of European integration.
The staff of our organization have been involved in many projects within the framework of EU Programmes, especially in the fields of vocational education and youth. For the European "Erasmus+ Programme", we attended youngsters in Youth Exchanges abroad, collaborated in project design, organised and runned Youth Exchanges in Adana as well as non-formal learning activities.
Thanks to tools as life-long formation, non formal education, intercultural dialogue, exchanges and networking, our association aims to develop programmes of education to active citizenship in an European context, especially in the fields of Youth, Equal opportunities and Social Inclusion.

Since we believe, little things that we do, can changes a lot, we always welcome suggestion, assistance and any kind of supports from any individual and organization.


  • Holding daily and weekly classes on  educational subjects for disadvantaged children and youth.
  • Organizing occasional programs like quiz competitions, debates, lectures, discourses, seminars, conferences, plays and exhibitions on various themes in different cities.
  • Designing a variety of board games and computer programs to impart Erasmus+ Programme.
  • Providing financial help to destitute, poor and needy persons of the community.

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