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TEKEV, ADANA Branch, established in 1997 is one of the branch offices of TEKEV (Technical Education Foundation) was founded in 1987. It is a non-profit and non-governmental organization that aims to contribute to the promotion of the technical and vocational education and to enhance the skills of its members by organizing internal training itself and giving them the chance to participate in various exchanges, seminars so that they can catch up with the new technology. The organization has over 10 000 full members who are mainly teachers working in vocational high schools and some academicians from University of Çukurova in Adana and University of Gazi in Ankara. Our foundation is one of the supporters of SVET Projects and one of the associative partners of ESVET Projects. We are working collaboratively with various institutions and organisations. We are assisting them in preparing EU projects and participating as partners in projects organized by other organizations. Since we are also interested in widening the scope of our activities to the national and international level, we are also working on several projects within the framework of Youth in Action Programme in accordance with our objectives. We are the only organization which has been accredited for sending /coordinating European volenteers in Adana. In this context, TEKEV Youth Club was established in December, 2009. The children of our members are the club members as of right. We are well aware of various aspects of European Volunteers Service Programme. We believe that sending Turkish volunteers will bring a valuable input in both the work of our organisation and the whole local and regional community with their different background, new ideas and different approaches to doing things. We believe that direct and personal contact of the foreign volunteers with members of our organisation, children and youth that we cooperate with in our activities and other members of the local community will promote the intercultural dialogue and more open minded and tolerant perception of the world. As TEKEV, Adana Branch, which has 365 full members and 20 honorary members, we established a project team and since then we have been involved in many EU cultural and educational projects including LdV and grant projects. Thanks to our successful work, many of our projects were approved. Here is the list of the realized projects we have completed successfully.

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